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CROWLEY'S TOMB novel - book illustrations

Enjoy browsing the illustrations which bring Crowley's Tomb to life. Here you will meet the main characters of the novel (both good and evil), along with some fascinating illustrations of key scenery from the story. Three extremely talented artists shared in this collaboration.  Please read more about them below.

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All illustrations are owned by Casey Jay Moore and may not be reproduced for any reason.  Copyright © Casey Jay Moore 2014 

about the artists

Ann Marie Thies: Born in 1989 in Longmont Colorado, Ann grew up with the love of art. Her father was an inspiration to her being blessed with a talent for painting. When she was 11 Ann’s father took her to their first oil painting class. From then on, Ann pursued her career in art. Ann believes to be successful in life you must do what you love. People are blessed with certain talents in life, and it's those talents which make you happy. Pursue your talents, and you will never be let down. As an artist, she believes there is always room to grow with every brushstroke or drawing achieved.

Ann can be reached at blissfulbrine@gmail.com.  Ann created the following illustrations: Front/back cover, Cemetery Boys Intro, Animal, Beast, Chief, Ghost, Magic, Maverick, Medicine Man, Ninja, Preacher, Raven, Shadow, Wolf, Zombie, Cheech & Chong, Delilah, Demon Lady, Giants, Langley/Parks/Bloom, Night Man/ Gabriel, Nuns, Wizard, Crowley's Tomb Logo, Game's Over and Crowley's character poster.

Vince Plzak: After transplanting from the southwest suburbs of Chicago to sunny Florida many years ago, Vince continued to utilize his illustrative and fine art skills to private residences and local businesses. Discovering new techniques and enhancements in subject matter, he has always found that working with his clients’ friends and partners producing art that appeals to the public to be greatly gratifying. Vince mainly favors doing fantasy and/or contemporary oriented styles of art, but also found traditional work to be a strong valued asset. Attention to detail and clairvoyance is what he always strives to achieve in his work.

Visit Vinny’s website at www.vinceplzakart.webs.com and Vince Plzak on Facebook. Vince created the following illustrations: Asylum Kids, Battle Scene at Tree House, Bloody Mary & Baby, Boogieman, Crowley’s Tomb and Crowley’s Backyard, Flooded Graveyard, Four Horsemen, Graveyard Scene, Hot Rod Hearse, Ice Cream Truck & Clowns, Pirate Ship, Purgatory, Quarry and Tree House.

Vanessa Henke: Vanessa Henke is an extremely talented fantasy artist. She can be reached at vhenke@live.com. Vanessa created the following illustrations: Elite Killer Monks, Father Blackwell, Gothic Girls, Hanging Lady, Pig Man, Satan/Hitler/Manson and the Tall Man.