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Casey resides in the beautiful Sarasota/Bradenton area of Florida where he enjoys cooking, making new friends & developing relationships through Facebook, is a major rock 'n roll fanatic, loves the beach, boating, meditation, snorkeling, kayaking, camping, wildlife exploration, feeding the birds & squirrels, working out at the gym, motorcycles, biking and especially writing while overlooking the serene Manatee River from his window.  Casey is an avid Minnesota Vikings fan.

He was born in the Chicago area and lived in many states during his childhood.  Casey spent many years living in Las Vegas, NV as an adult, where he owned popular Italian Restaurant/Pizzerias before returning to his true home - the incomparable Gulf Coast of Florida.  After several unsuccessful back surgeries, Casey is "old in body but young at heart" and embraces aging through his passions.



Casey Moore is an author, screenwriter, director and producer.  He recently finished turning the popular Crowley's Tomb novel into an amazing screenplay, has been busy working on casting and pre-production and will soon begin filming. Next up, he is also busy writing his next novel:  "Steamy", an erotic love story; with many other projects planned.

Casey's Creative Philosophy:

With a refreshing, more sinister mind of madness, my purpose for your eternal nightmares is simple: I love telling the truth to the reader’s mind, body and soul about the dirty deeds of mankind though a spine-chilling odyssey of horror. I feel the time is now for readers to enjoy new flavors of evil through the creation of relatable storylines, heroes, villains and clever endings. It’s time for a new “fusion” writer (mystery, suspense, horror, and music infused with illustrations) to put horror back on the map. I am a firm believer that old, tired standards were meant to be broken. Are you ready for a change?

My future books will always be relatable to my audience, with a willingness to tackle the taboo, no matter the subject. Horror has no boundaries. The only way to rival evil is to attack it at the root in an honest way, even if it causes controversy; in fact, especially if it causes controversy.

A lifetime of experiences - from growing up in the foster care system and seeing the system fail kids who were born into unfortunate circumstances, to my own struggles with religion, to  surviving divorce and infidelity, and having many profound friendships over the years - helped shape me into the person I am: honest, unafraid to speak the truth, compassionate, and someone who truly enjoys the simple pleasures in life!  My journey has led me to my true passion: writing, which I look forward to sharing with you in many different genres.