Making a truly original and epic film is not about an enormous amount of special effects.  It's not about having fancy equipment.  It's not about elaborate locations, famous actors or big budgets.  Crowley's Tomb is about catching moments in time and telling a very dark story to perfection.

The Devil has been released from his prison of the last 1,000 years to test humanity's faith in God.  Evil and chaos once again reign on the world.  The fable unfolds in the Village of Cursewyck with a brotherhood of misfits known as the Cemetery Boys, who have refused to surrender themselves to a higher power, yet do not deny its existence.  The boys battle their way through the trawls of hell seeking treasure on the sacred ground of "Crowley's Tomb" as their rabid souls become the ante in a gamble for survival.  When the boys embrace their destiny and stand united against Evil, knowing that Evil can never truly be vanquished, they finally accept their true roles in the forthcoming battles.

Through the Cemetery Boys, you realize life isn't about you, in contrary it is about finding one single reason to sacrifice your life for another.  In that very moment when life fades from your eyes and the heart can no longer pump blood through the body, you come to realize the end of your fate.  On your knees "Judgment Day" lets you know what level of the spectrum your soul will remain.

Crowley's Tomb will make you question: did you do everything you could for your fellow man in need?  Or did you think that life revolved around you?  Did you fall into the trap of greed, adultery, material things, vanity and all the other dirty deeds Satan placed in front of you?  The "Quest" for everyone on earth is the constant search for the meaning of life and death.  The two most important things in life are the day you were born and more importantly learning the reason why.  Once you discover your own complex answer, it will be in that moment that you must see its end.

Heaven and Hell awaits each and every one of us.  What we do in this life remains with us for eternity.  You can't take it back and you can't resurrect a loved one.  Angels in Heaven also had choices as did mankind in purgatory.  If only Hell remains, what are you prepared to do?  What will you be remembered for?  This quest may help you find your answers, because
in Crowley's Tomb, "Even Heaven has Rebels".

A special thanks to Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu in Lakeland, FL for allowing us to use their dojo on many occasions, and especially to Fight Choreographer Timothy Kittelstad for the countless hours he has put into the choreography and training.

Also a shout out to Coringa Conway with Ironlife Athletics and Garret Brumfield with Tampa Bay Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu for their assistance in this project.

Now in pre-production, Crowley's Tomb will start filming in October 2017.

Release scheduled for October 2018.  

(Your nightmares begin soon)

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