Trailer Credits:

Script and Novel by Casey Moore

Cinematography,  Edited and Directed by Ricardo Pro Rodriguez

Produced by Nathan Taupez


Wizard - Thomas Noel Smith

Delilah - Autumn Nierod

Cemetery Boys:

Preacher - Jarred Burgos

Chief - Jonathan Villasenor

Wolf - Tyler Tusing

Zombie - William Blake

Ninja - Surya Putta

Maverick - Spencer Hojdila

Animal - Tyler Gary

Girlfriend - Jasmine Spivey

Girlfriend - Carlina Cribb


The Tall Man - Martigan Delano

Bonzo the Clown  - Martigan Delano

Pig Man - Spencer Hojdila

Horseskull Monk - Frank Zaffina

Evil Nun (Mother Mary) - Heather Danner

Ghost Girl (Lola) - Isabella Dawson

Mentally Ill Patient - Samantha Finley

Evil Temptress - Carlina Cribb

Priest Skeleton Monk - Donald Rice

Evin Nun (Sister Christian) - Evie Price

Mardi Gras Jester - Johnny Rothschild

Evil Clown - Pedro Tejada

Skeleton Monk "Manson" - Charlie Newell

Evil Clown - William Blake

Skeleton Monk "Hitler" - Jonathan Villasenor

Bonzo the Clown - Ryan Monnier

Crazy White Face Jester - Autumn Nierode

Zombie Priest - Thomas Noel Smith

Psycho Freak - Thomas Noel Smith

Phantom Monk - Thomas Noel Smith

German Soldier - Thomas Noel Smith

Mrs. Bonzo the Clown - Jasmine Spivey

Occult Vampire - Jasmine Spivey

Hearse Driver - Joseph Hydell

Special Thank You:

Makeup Artist - Jacqline Darling

Production Assistant - Kim Moore

Production Assistant - Grace Zaffina

Props & Costume Design - John Rusniak

Secretary - Rachelle D. Arnold

Divine Imagery - Gregory L. Baker

Gotcha Covered Security and Safety Products - Joseph Hydell

Casting Support & Advisory - Truthful Acting Studios, Starcatcher Acting Studio

The Actors Group Orlando Green Room Orlando

Hearse Rental - Olsen Cars

* Disturbing * Sinister * Terrifying * Hollywood Quality * Best Book Trailer of 2015 *

These are just a few words to describe the official Crowley's Tomb trailer -

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