Russell David Oakley - Wizard

Taylor Crumbley -  Delilah, Golden Fallen Angel

Vincent Leverenz - Father Blackwell, Lord Blackwell

Thomas Curtiss - The Tall Man, Ivan the Terrible

Heather Budzian - Detective Parks

Matthew Phillips - Detective Bloom

Jeff Dickinson - Sheriff Langley

​Paul Saulo - Chief of Police Joe Palermo

Michael Radford - Deputy Tex Taylor, Demon Cowboy Agares

Jaimi McPeek - Marla, Pagan Queen Jezebel, Gothic Vampire Violent X, Black Fallen Angel

Dominick Santarsiero - Monk Manson

Mark Switzer - Monk Hitler

Sifu Justin Och - Monk Cyrus

Andrew Cottrell - Monk Amadeus

Darin Foxx - Deacon Brownstone / Clown Zodiac

Jack Waters - Bishop Benedict / Clown Zero

Alexia Maier - Reporter Marilyn Jenner, Cemetery Girl Roxy, Gatekeeper Cesium, Scag Witch Eve

Madison Landreth - Oracle
Lisa Leonard - Bloody Mary
Kimm Marie - Amelia Finkler
Lisa McConnell - Temptress LaVey, Satan, Grave Walker

Linda Fickes - Illuminati, Misty Taylor

Chuck Schafer - Radio Reporter Lewey Leviathan
John Schakel Jr. - Judge Parker, Night Man, Samael Bathory

Casey Moore - Doc Tunsil

Rage Fallen - Demon Appolyon, Gothic Vampire Moonlight, Sister Christian
Melissa McDill - Gothic Vampire Anastasia, Demon Metatron, Cemetery Girl Trixie, 

Gutter Punk Chaos, Purple Fallen Angel

Felicia Reather - Demon Legion, Gothic Vampire Stormy, Nun Teresa, Sage Hornsbee

Jennifer Weins - Demon Magician Moloch, Gothic Vampire Rayne,  Cemetery Girl Destiny, 

Gutter Punk Ivy, Red Fallen Angel, Scag Witch Endor

Lori Dickinson - Gothic Vampire Raven, Madam Lizzy Cresswell
Liz Drummer - Angela, Demon Sorceress Lot

Chandy Krapes - Gothic Vampire Lollipop, Mistress Aspasia, Nun Mother Mary

Karen Monsalvatge - Gothic Vampire Joker

Brenna Speer - Gothic Vampire Autumn

​Kristi Tkautz - Nun Marie, Sissy Hornsbee, Blue Fallen Angel

Corninga Conway - Gutter Punk Rogue Acid, Monk Kimo, Pig Man

Will Parker - Gunnar Hornsbee, Gutter Punk Johnny Rotten
Mason Jordan Mills - Grave Digger

Rachelle Arnold - Mel

Kim Drehobl-Brandes - Celestial Messenger

Calli Clawson - Mermaid Eve

Darrell Malone - Gabriel

Madi Cruttenden - Mermaid Lilith

Faith Dickinson - Ghost Child Abigail

Kaitlyn Krapes - Nun Child
Jeskaly Negron - Ghost Child Lola
Charles Newell - Beggar
Voyd Von Fallen - Vampire Pope Beelzebub
Grace Zaffina - Hanging Nun
Frank Zaffina - Horseskull Monk


NWO President Judas Black

John St. Louie


This film is dedicated to actor Angus Scrimm

and in loving memory of our own castmate Katarina Dickinson.


Tyler Tusing - Chief

Jeremy Stoag Malone - Preacher

Zachary Vazquez - Wolf

Domo Fresco - Zombie

Timothy Kittelstad - Shadow       

Adam Gibbins - Raven

Emre Orun - Maverick

Voyd Von Fallen- Ghost

Neckodemos Davison - Ninja

Paul Kittelstad - Beast

Berke Orun - Medicine Man

Brian Allred - Magic

Ati Scanlan - Animal

(previously portrayed by Corey Faiola - portrayed in current photos)

AUTHOR, SCREENWriter, ACTOR, DIRECTOR & Producer  Casey Moore

The Crowley's Tomb family consists of a diverse and talented group from across Florida, who have helped make this

soon-to-be classic a true collaborative effort led by our fearless leader, Producer Casey Moore.

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